The Peek Hole Inspection Port


ndt inspection aperture plug 4 and 3 inch3 inch inspection plug peek HoleFor over 25 years The patented peek Hole has been the practical way to access UT and vibration inspection points through the cut plug hole in insulated piping, vessels, tanks, etc.

Permanent Attachment.3 inch inside cover open ndt inspection aperture

The peek Hole provides a fixed monitoring point that attaches permanently to vessels, pipes and tanks.

Quick & Simple Installation.

The peek Hole can be installed in minutes with two screws or fastening material of your choice.

Rapid Access.

The swing cover allows you to access the surface for UT point, tempera­ture or vibration monitoring immediately.

Single Unit Cover Design.

Cover is securely attached to aperture body. No more lost or cracked plugs or lids, or broken lanyards.

Adapts to Irregular Surfaces.

Rubber plugs can dry and crack over time. Don’t let this happen to you!

The peek Hole attaches easily and securely to sheet metal and corrugated metal coverings.

Eliminates Exposure to Asbestos/Ceramic Fiber.

When applied with a proper sealant, the peek Hole serves as a liner to the cut plug hole.

Lightweight, Rigid, & Strong.

Yet the peek Hole can be contoured to fit against pipewalls, vessels, and/or tanks. Easy to handle and weighs approximately 2-1/2 ounces for inexpensive UPS shipping.


4 and 3 inch peek holes ndt inspection ports

Provides the ability to install insulation to cut heat loss or gain.

No Sharp Edges.

Smooth edges reduce cuts and scrat­ches to NDE/UT Technicians and personnel

Provides Strength.

The rigid body of the peek Hole provides reinforcement to the cut plug hole.

Optional Extensions.

Extensions are available in various lengths to accommo­date any thickness of insula­tion.

4 inch inspection plug peek hole

Extensions are easily connected to the tapered body of the peek Hole.


The peek Hole inspection port / insulation plug is a liner for an access hole cut through an insulation material enclosing or placed upon a pipe vessel or tank (sometimes called “cheese holes”), especially of the type used in cryogenic or high temperature systems, such as found in petrochemical refineries, chemical processing equipment, power generation facilities and the like.

It makes for easy access for Non-Destructive Testing NDT for Ultrasonic UT and Vibration testing equipment in process piping, steam piping, and vessels used in various industrial processing industries.

The detection of erosion or corrosion of the metal wall in process piping is essential to the safe operation and maintenance schedule of any industrial process facility. The peek Hole is an essential aid to access the process pipe’s surface for NDT UT testing and failure prediction and aversion.

Many other access plugs and inspection ports have been tried, but de-mountable plugs are easily lost and provide no internal integrity for the insulation material surrounding the removed plug causing potential exposure to workers. Whenever the insulating material contains ceramics or other hazards, there exists the possibility of contamination of workers and nearby areas.

The peek Hole provides the preferred type of insulation aperture liner and means of access which can be easily opened to permit necessary measurement of wall thickness, yet seals off the insulation material from exposure to workers.

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